1. Challenges and Solutions to Teaching and Assessing Veterinary Communication Skills

Dr Ruth Serlin – Lecturer in Veterinary Professionalism, RVC
Dr Carol Grey – Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Birmingham

This day consists of a number of sessions that are pertinent to teaching and assessing communication skills in the modern veterinary curriculum.

In the morning, we will consider how educational theory might drive an innovative approach to teaching and learning. Bring your tricky problems for us to consider!

We will also look both backwards and forwards at consultation models.

After lunch we will turn our thoughts to assessment, considering topics such as:

  • What are we assessing?
  • Communication skills as a “stand-alone” assessment or in conjunction with other skills?
  • Who should be assessors?
  • How we can we successfully combine subjective and objective approaches?

The workshop is led by

Ruth Serlin who has spent 25yrs in vet practice , mainly charity and emergency clinics and for the last 5 years, alongside colleagues, has redesigned the communication skills curriculum at the RVC. Recently started a master’s in applied linguistics.

Carol Gray who spent 15 years in practice, then taught vet nurses/animal scientists for a couple of years, then 13 years as a lecturer in communication skills/professional skills at Liverpool vet school. Recently completed her doctoral thesis on informed consent in veterinary practice.

We both have some examples of successes and challenges to share including lessons learned!